Salina Art Center to feature Casey Whittier Endangered Project: Ceramic Workshop

Salina, Kan. (April 9, 2018) The Salina Art Center will feature Biennial Artist Casey Whittier Saturday, April 14 from 2-4pm at The Warehouse, 149 S. 4th St. Endangered Project: A Ceramic Workshop with Casey Whittier is a program of the Salina Biennial Exhibition: Contemporary Art from the Mountain Plains Region.

Endangered is an on-going project that uses art as a way to promote citizen research, peer-to-peer learning, and create a space for formal and informal conversations about the impact of habitat loss and climate change on the non-human ecosystems that surround us.

“Clay serves as palimpsest in my practice; I seek its inherent variations in surface, texture, its ability to mimic, to be think, thin, ephemeral or permanent. I seek to exploit the material’s innate relationship to land, human history, time and transformation. The physical recordings that come through rolling, tearing, squishing, dipping, pushing, pinching and scratching become representations of touch, of thought, of time spent.” Casey Whittier, artist statement.

The workshop is free but participants are encouraged to register online at to ensure ample supplies.