Sponsor films worth talking about! 

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Why Sponsor a film?

An average of 208 tickets (16/17 season) are sold each week, with 99% of those ticket holders arriving in plenty of time to watch the pre-movie ads.

  • Cinema advertising breaks down as:

    • 340 monthly postcards mailed to members

    • 350 monthly fliers printed for distribution at the Art Center, the Cinema, and other locations

    • A weekly Cinema e-blast to over 1,634 valid email addresses.

    • The Art Center has over 2100 Facebook followers, 1000 Instagram followers, and nearly 700 Twitter followers. Cinema showings are listed as events on Facebook and often generate the most interaction from our followers.

  • An average of 197 (16/17 season) persons are in the Art Center galleries each week. Cinema preview slides loop daily during regular business hours in the Art Center education wing, providing a bonus audience for any Advertising on Screen customer.

  • Current 2017-18 season date is indicating a 208% increase in gallery visits meaning we have a growing audience!

Blockbuster Package

$300 per movie

Movies typically run 1-2 weeks. Your advertisement would play before each showing (12-24 spots per film)

  • Your "business slide" shown on the Cinema screen before every showing of your selected film. Cinema slides are looped for 15-30 minutes pre-movie, so your slide will be seen several times at each showing.

  • Business logo on direct mail piece for your selected movie.

  • Your business logo featured in the monthly Cinema flyer & weekly e-blast for your run

  • Your business name featured on the social media event page for your sponsored film(s) showing at the Art Center Cinema


recurring gift of $30 per month (or $350 single gift)

  • Your business name included on screen as a "Business Partner" in scrolling credits for every showing for one year

  • One Salina Art Center Small Business Partners membership

If you wish to receive more information in person on any of the options above, please contact our office at 785.827.1431 or e-mail Misty at mserene@salinaartcenter.org. Special non-profit rates may apply for qualified events. Contact Misty Serene for more information! 

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