Happening @ The Art Center

Joshua Short, Artist-In-Residence

February 16-April 26

The Art Center is pleased to introduce Joshua Short as the Art Center’s current artist in residence. Short began his residency on February 16 and will spend ten weeks working and creating at the Art Center Warehouse.

Joshua will also be the Art Center’s River Festival Artist.

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Actors and Writers Wanted!

May 3-5

Artist Randy Regier has created the TYTON, a fantastical, luxury toy submarine, complete with its own fabulous nightclub. Inside this undersea Tiki lounge, toy party guests dance and romance the night away to the swingin’ strains of a toy twelve-piece band, the lilting voices of toy lounge singers, and a proud toy captain and crew. It’s a party the likes of which has never been seen before.

We’re looking for twenty willing humans of all experience levels to write and give voice to the characters who are looking for love beneath the waves on this one magical night.

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