Matthew Burke: When We Hear Water

June 16 - July 30, 2017

The environment in which we do our work matters. We would all like to work in pleasant conditions. An environment conducive to being able to talk openly and listen more thoughtfully helps give rise to better quality experiences.

From law enforcement meetings to company staff meetings, massage therapists to social service organizations, this exhibition, When We Hear Water, is intended to offer a peaceful, alternate meeting space within which your group might conduct its important work. The installation features a wooden architectural structure housing a fountain and the soothing sound of running water. The work is intended as an “experiential” work of art around which an expanded sense of wellbeing is welcome. When we are calm, our work comes better into focus. You are welcome to use this space free of charge during the exhibition.


About the art

This work is intended to offer something different to each person who experiences it. The structure surrounding the fountain is made from wood and constructed specifically for this project. Wood, like water, is elemental. The objects aren’t highly manufactured. The warmth and approachability of the low-manufactured process coupled with the material serve to support the viewer’s direct experience of listening to water sounds.


About the artist

Matthew Burke’s work spans a range of materials and interests. The intention of his practice is to create work that heightens awareness of the relationships that surround us – people, places, or things – to reveal interconnections. Burke teaches sculpture at the University of Kansas with an emphasis on ecological art, as well as woodworking, drawing, and public art. He holds a dual appointment in the Department of Visual Arts and the Environmental Studies Program and has been an exhibiting artist for the past twenty-seven years. He lives in Lawrence with his wife and son and is grateful for the many wonderful people in his life.