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Volunteers at Salina Art Center and Salina Art Center Cinema are at the heart of what makes the Art Center great. Afterall, the organization was founded by volunteers in 1978.

We are looking for persons interested in making volunteering part of their monthly routine. Volunteers are able to look at a menu of jobs and responsibilities and determine which ones best match their interests. We want volunteers to be joyful and inspired by their time at the Art Center and in turn, inspire and help others enjoy the Art Center.

Training is provided for all volunteers so you can be successful in your time with us. Some positions require specialized skills, or a consistent schedule; all positions that work with children are subject to background checks.

Earn scholarship credit

A scholarship credit program allows volunteers to earn Art Center credit that can in turn be used to pay for workshops, classes and special events at the Art Center.

How do I start?

To learn more about volunteering, contact

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Bulk mailing handlers

  • Docents & Gallery Attendants

  • Classroom Assistants

  • Archiver

  • Teaching Artists

  • Poster/Flier Delivery

  • Event Planning Coordinator