July 8-12 - Rachel Epp Buller, Teaching Artist in Residence

Dr. Rachel Epp Buller is a feminist, visual artist, art historian, university professor, and mother of three. Her creative and critical work addresses these intersections, focusing on the maternal body, relational care, and slow practices.

Time Traveling with Artist Books w/ Instructor Rachel Epp Buller

Students in this class will travel through time by writing letters and creating artist book forms that address past, present, and future contexts. Each day, we will explore how words and images can work together and how ideas can unfold across a series of pages. Students will start by writing letters: to one's younger self, to one's current self, and to one's future self, and then explore the idea of the artist’s book and translate their letters into books. Students will combine images and text to create three artists books, using an accordion fold, a flower fold, and then a combination of techniques.

July 9-12; 1-4:00 p.m. -High School and Adult Students 

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