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Eyes to Acres: Cultivating Food Culture

July 31 through September 15, 2019

In his essay The Deserted Country, Wendell Berry refers to the principle of ‘eyes to acres’. In traditional farming practice this referred to the understanding that there was an eyes to acres ratio that was needed for proper care of working of the land. The right ratio of caring, knowledgeable, and observant farmers would ensure the health of the land and a plentiful harvest.

Artists are often the “eyes” of our culture; careful - and caring- observers capable of cultivating a strong community. This exhibition is inspired by food and food culture, including issues related to farming and land. The works convey stories and experiences of local food traditions and cultures, and demonstrate the impact of food production on a local and global scale. This juried exhibition and related interpretive programming are in partnership with Local Foods Works foundation and Feast on the Fe.

Eyes to Acres is funded in memory of Star Black who embraced a love for exploring food cultures, battling scarcity, and building traditions through food throughout her life and career. Additional sponsorship provided by Solomon State Bank and Humanities Kansas


August 2; 5-7pm First Friday Exhibition Opening

August 21; 12-1pm Lunch & Learn: Feast on Fe & local Chefs present more about locally sourced foods

August 11; 2-4pm Discomfort Food w/ Priti Cox; Experience food and conversation around the global food culture of sorghum


August 15; 7pm TASTING THE PAST: EXPLORING KANSAS FOOD MEMORIES Food is a powerful expression of cultural memory. For years, ethnic groups in Kansas have used food to maintain connections to the past. When the Greek Orthodox congregation of Overland Park observes communion a parishioner bakes prosfero, a special bread marked with religious symbols. Communities near Lindsborg remember their homeland with food celebrations that feature dishes common to Sweden, such as pickled herring, codfish, and lingonberries. This presentation will explore food traditions from a number of ethnic populations in Kansas, including German, Czech, Italian, Jewish, and others. Presented by Louise Hanson. Funded by Humanities Kansas, an independent nonprofit spearheading a movement of ideas to empower the people of Kansas to strengthen their communities and our democracy..

September 14 Feast on the Fe – not associate with Salina Art Center, tickets support Local Food works


Jenny Johnson

Dave Loewenstein

Mark Otey

Jennifer Ray

Teresa Chrisler Reimer

Jennifer Weigel

Charity-Mika Woodard

Glory Benacka

Amber Cherney

Priti Gulat Cox

Geraldine Craig

Rena Detrixhe

Rick Frisbie

Andrea Fuhrman

George Jerkovich

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