Students who participate in the DISCOVERERS program will:

• Work and learn with local artists as they show you how they make art and why.
• Explore and experiment with a variety of art materials and processes.
• Develop and express independent ideas and discuss them.
• Learn new ways of problem solving.

DISCOVERERS meets every Wednesday right after school. Transportation from school to the Art Center is provided by the OCCK public transportation system. Students have a light snack and then begin making art with local and regional artists and Art Center staff members. When the sessions end at 5 p.m., parents/guardians pick up students at the Art Center.

Lessons for DISCOVERERS are planned in sequential, multi-week units. Participants need to attend every week in order to complete their art works. In the event of excused absences we will work with students to help them catch up. IMPORTANT: Any student who has two unexcused absences will be dropped from the program and replaced by a student from the waiting list.

The Art Center asks that all students:

• Abide by the same rules of conduct that apply at school.
• Treat people, ideas, materials, and place with respect.
• Show their willingness to think and work collaboratively and independently.
• The Salina Art Center has a policy of non-violence and provides a safe nurturing environment for creative expression.

How Can I Help a Student Participate?

• Download, print, and fill out this form, or
• Pick up a form at your school or the Salina Art Center, or email or call 785.827.1431 to request a form.

Parents/guardians receive an information packet through the mail and grant permission for their student to participate by sending in a signed postcard. Students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis. A waiting list is maintained for the duration of the program to ensure the maximum number of students have a chance to participate.