40th Anniversary Project


To celebrate the Salina Art Center’s 40th Anniversary, we are inviting visual artists to participate in a commemorative project and fundraiser. In 2016 Salina Art Center embarked on a community effort to develop the design for a ceramic tile mural on the Art Center’s Santa Fe facade. Under the direction of Newton, Kansas-based ceramicist Conrad Snider, community participants used large slabs of wet clay to take impressions from natural and human-made forms found within walking distance of the Art Center, for example, architectural elements, decorative ceramic tiles, plant material, iron work, etc. Using silicone, participants made molds from their clay impressions, which Snider used to create the design on the mural’s surface.

The mural is symbolic of Salina Art Center’s desire and respect for individual creativity, while remaining aware that we are all part of a collective community. To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we want to recreate an opportunity to celebrate the vitality and individuality of artists, while paying homage to our respect for being part of our community for over 40 years.

A square section of the Conrad Snider mural will be divided into a grid of 25 12” x 12” squares. Participating artists will each be assigned a square and given a full-scale printout of their 12” x 12” square to use as a reference and a blank 12”x 12” stretched canvas on which to create their interpretation of the design contained within their assigned square. The resulting image should not be a reproduction of the original source, but an artistic interpretation. When completed, the 25 individual canvases will be assembled to form a single 5’x 5’ work to be displayed at the Art Center and online for a minimum of 30 days, during which the individual squares will be sold through silent auction. Proceeds will be used to support the Art Center’s mission of creating exchanges among art, artists, and audiences that reveal life.


  • 12”x12” stretched canvas will be provided along with a printed square from the mural grid to use for inspiration.
  • Finished canvas must hang on a wall unassisted and unframed.
  • Finished pieces can utilize any media, or be mixed media and multi-dimensional (not to exceed one inch relief), but cannot exceed the 12x12 dimensions of the canvas.
  • Artists can use their print piece for rendering, note taking, drawing on, or visualizing, but the print pieces must be returned to display with the artists’ original piece. (we like seeing how your work came together)
  • Artists should create unique and original interpretations, but are encouraged to reference the formal elements of their assigned square (composition, line, color, shapes, texture, etc.)
  • Must be delivered to the Art Center by August 10.

Selected artists will receive:

  1. A 12”x12” stretched canvas on which to create their work.
  2. A 1 year Salina Art Center individual membership. ($50 value)

Artists can choose one of the following compensation methods:

  • Artists can choose to donate their work to the Art Center and will be given a $125 gift in-kind donation tax credit for supporting the Art Center, or...
  • Artists can choose to receive a $100 one-time honorarium for their work. They will also receive a 10% commission on any amount realized at auction above the $125 reserve price. For example, if the piece sells for $200, the artist would receive 10% of $75, or $7.50.
  • No Salina Art Center staff person or board member is eligible to receive cash compensation if selected to participate.

We are requesting a Letter of Interest from artists interested in working with the Art Center to create a piece of the commemorative project inspired by our mural. We anticipate over 1,000 persons will view the completed piece in the gallery or online.

Letter of Interest
A Letter of Interest must be submitted by June 24, 2018 and must include:

  • Artist Name, Contact Information
  • Brief and general description of how you will approach this project in your selected medium.
  • 2 digital examples of your work.
  • Received by June 24, 2018

Direct additional questions to Misty Serene, 785-827-1431. Send your Letter of Interest to:
mserene@salinaartcenter.org (subject: 40INSTALLATION) or mail to/drop off at 242 S. Santa Fe, Salina KS 67401, Attn: Misty Serene

Dates to Remember
June 24 – Letter of Interest due
June 27 – Artists notified
August 10 – Completed works of art delivered to the Art Center